Book Review: Bad Girls Don't Die

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender

Released: April 21, 2009
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Pages: 352
Rating: 5 stars
Alexis thought she led a typically dysfunctional high school existence. Dysfunctional like her parents' marriage; her doll-crazy twelve-year-old sister, Kasey; and even her own anti-social, anti-cheerleader attitude.

When a family fight results in some tearful sisterly bonding, Alexis realizes that herlife is creeping from dysfunction into danger. Kasey is acting stranger than ever: her blue eyes go green sometimes; she uses old-fashioned language; and she even loses track of chunks of time, claiming to know nothing about her strange behavior. Their old house is changing, too. Doors open and close by themselves; water boils on the unlit stove; and an unplugged air conditioner turns the house cold enough to see their breath in.

Alexis wants to think that it's all in her head, but soon, what she liked to think of as silly parlor tricks are becoming life-threatening--to her, her family, and to her budding relationship with the class president. Alexis knows she's the only person who can stop Kasey -- but what if that green-eyed girl isn't even Kasey anymore?

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the entire book. It was creepy, even scary at times. The dolls were quite eerie, but they did add a nice touch to the plot itself. Before reading the book, I read a ton of reviews, and still I wasn’t prepared for this story. I really got into this book, and every little detail seemed so real. I remember reading a scene while I was on my front porch – it was daylight out – and a bird fluttered its wings. It scared me and I ended up jumping three feet off the ground. Thankfully, no one was around to witness my embarrassing moment.

I would say the first couple of chapters were somewhat slow because we are introduced to the characters and the setting. But after we learn who’s who and where things are going to go down at, the story really starts to pick up. With twists and turns that I didn’t expect, and suspense that kept me on my toes and wanting more. I have to congratulate Katie Alender for writing such a fantastic ghost story!

I felt the characters were very well-developed; some even had their own hidden secrets. Alexis is very determined, especially in finding clues that could help save her sister. Her sarcastic attitude was entertaining to read. And I loved how passionate she was about her photography, which does come in handy in certain parts of the book. Megan, the snobby cheerleader. I was surprised to see her become such an important character, and even more surprised to learn she isn’t what she seems to be. You’d think her life was perfect, but it’s just a cover to hide her tragic past. Then there’s Carter, who is bound and determined to help Alexis. I thought Carter was going to be another one of those preppy characters, but I was wrong. He has a past that is very dark, which made his character that much more believable and realistic.

All in all, a fantastic debut novel. And for some good news: Katie Alender is writing TWO more sequels to Bad Girls Don’t Die. So keep an eye out for those, I know I will definitely being buying them!!



Katie Alender said...

Well, now I'm all glowy and happy. Thanks, Casey! I'm so glad you liked it!

Lauren said...

This sounds absolutely fascinating, and a little bit creepy. I'll definitely be checking this one out.

Amy said...

This book was creep city! Great review though:)

Briana said...

I want to read this sooo bad! The cover is addicting. It looks eerie and I love that! Great review!!!


Lenore Appelhans said...

The dolls and obsession with dolls - both very creeptastic! fun book!

The Obsessive Reader said...

I've heard good things about this book. Great review!

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