Book Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Forest of Hands and Teeth Carrie Ryan

Released: March 10, 2009
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Pages: 308
Series: The Forest of Hands and Teeth #1
Rating: 5 stars
In Mary's world, there are simple truths.

The Sisterhood always knows best.

The Guardians will protect and serve.

The Unconsecrated will never relent.

And you must always mind the fence that surrounds the village. The fence that protects the village from the Forest of Hands and Teeth.

But slowly, Mary's truths are failing her. She's learning things she never wanted to know about the Sisterhood and its secrets, and the Guardians and their power. And, when the fence is breached and her world is thrown into chaos, about the
Unconsecrated and their relentlessness.

Now she must choose between her village and her future, between the one she loves and the one who loves her. And she must face the truth about the Forest of Hands and Teeth. Could there be life outside a world surrounded by so much death?

I really enjoyed this novel – more than I thought I would. I’ve had this since it was released and while it sounded interesting in the store, when I got home I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it right away, so I put it off. Now, I can’t believe I waited so long to read it. The Forest of Hands and Teeth is a remarkable debut novel!

The writing was superb (although I still feel like that’s an understatement, but I can’t think of the perfect word to describe the writing.). It is one of the most beautiful and best-written novels I’ve read. The plot was very suspenseful, which made me have a hard time putting it down. I just had to know what was going to happen next.

I thought the characters were well-developed, especially Mary. She is a very determined person. And at times, I felt like I was right there by the characters, sharing their pain and suffering. It was surreal.

The only thing that is still bugging me is the unanswered questions. I won’t go too in depth because I don’t want to give away anything, but some things happened that I still don’t understand. They were explained a little, but not fully, so I’m left with more questions. Also, I still don’t know what to think about the ending. I definitely think that it could have been a bit longer. Anyways, hopefully some of these things will be explained in the sequel/companion.

Overall, this was a great read and I definitely will be reading more from Carrie Ryan.



Wendy said...

I'm happy to hear you liked it, I definitely want to read this one too! :)

Pixie said...

Great Review. I am happy to hear you enjoyed The Forrest of Hands and Teeth. It is one of my favorite books from 2009

Sab H. said...

I can't wait to read this! Great review!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you liked this book! I hope some of those answers come in The Dead-Tossed Waves. I can't wait to see what the author does with that one! :)

Rhiannon Hart said...

Yeah the unanswered questions!! So frustrating. I hope the Sisters and what they did to Gabrielle is explained in the next book, because I was so confused about what they did to her and how they did it.

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

I've got to read this book! I suppose I should buy it firth tho uh? Thanks for the review.

Book Butterfly (Kim) said...

This is one of my favorite books and I put off reading it forever! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait for DEAD TOSSED WAVES!

Anonymous said...

I loved this book Dead Tossed Waves can't come out soon enough for me! Check out my review to see the AWESOME book trailer I embedded after the review. =)

April (BooksandWine) said...

I want more explanation of the sisters too! Seriously, how could she leave us hanging like that.

Awesome review :-D

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