Friday Facts: Random

Friday, October 16, 2009

Here are some of the random questions from my Ballad contest. There were some great questions asked: some hilarious, and others really made me think.

Emilee (Penultimate Page): How is Rice Milk made?

I have no clue because I haven’t even heard of it before.

Jessica (A Book Lover’s Diary): How different would our lives be if we had no books?

Well, I can say that would be a horrible and an EXTREMELY boring life to live!!

Erica (The Book Cellar): QUICK! You’re stuck on a deserted island – you can only grab 3 things fast to bring with you – what are they?

Argh – I’ve never liked this question. It’s so hard to choose, but off the top of my head.

Book, art supplies, and toothbrush.

The Optimistic Pessimist: Coffee, Tea or Latte’?

Well, I don’t like coffee, I’ve never had a latte’, so my answer is going to be tea.

Froggy (Froggaritaville): Do you craft?

Yes, I love drawing and painting. I like using all kinds of art utensils: pencil, charcoal, chalk, oil paints, acrylic, watercolors, etc.

I also scrapbook and have a bazillion of those floating around my house.

Another one of my favorite things to do is ceramics. My best friend’s mom used to own the ceramic shop in my town and then had to sell it :( It was heartbreaking for me, but come to find out there is another one about 15 minutes away, so its all good, I guess.

Leslie (That Chick That Reads): When you go to a movie theater, which armrest is yours? Left or right? Why?

I love this question! BOTH armrests are mine and I try to sit down by the railing that separates the front rows from the back rows, that way I can put my feet up and not have them in anyone’s way. But if I absolutely, positively have to share, then I lean more to the right, just because I’m right handed and that’s what’s the most comfortable to me.

Misty (Book Rat): Would you rather eat an entire gingerbread house or four-and-twenty blackbirds baked into a pie?

Entire gingerbread house.

Rachel (The Book Wars): Would you rather write a book or design the cover for it?

Definitely design the cover. That would be really neat to do.

Elnice (Ellz Readz): Dog-ear or bookmark?

BOOKMARKS! I hate it when people dog-ear the pages. Why would you do that? Even if you don’t have a bookmark, there are still plenty of other things you can use: mail, receipt, post-it, torn piece of paper, etc. I’ve used all those at least once in my lifetime.

Kara (Reading Cuz I’m Addicted): Do you think there will be an age where you think you will grow out of reading YA books or grow out of blogging?

I don’t think there will ever come a time where I won’t like the YA genre. I’ve always enjoyed YA and will probably always read it. I do occasionally read adult books, but I feel more satisfied after reading a YA book. That may sound cheesy but…oh well.

I’m not really sure how to answer the blogging question. I enjoy blogging now and I haven’t been doing it that long. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve met (or talked) to some really awesome people and authors. I will probably still blog for a long time, even if people
don’t read what I have to say. I’m the type of person that when I read an amazing book, or even a not-so-amazing one, that I have to get my thoughts out of my head. There isn’t a whole lot of people that are as book crazy as me that I can talk to, so that leaves writing it down. Plus, this is a great way to keep track of books that I’ve read and want to read.

Xox friends (A Bookful of Thoughts): Why is the sky blue?

I don’t know, why? And to be technical, the sky isn’t always blue. Sometimes its black, gray, purple, orange, just depends on the weather.

MUM: Are you a morning person or a night kind of person?

Depends – I’m not really the greatest morning person, but I like to get things done early so that I can have more time to do other stuff.

I’m a morning person when it comes to working.

I’m more of a night person when it comes to reading. I do a lot of my reading at night because I tend to have a problem focusing if I’m not fully awake.

Paradox (Paradoxical): What is your favorite yellow item?

The sun, especially on a warm, summer day. *sigh, I miss summer already*



Misty said...

Yeah, I'd eat the house too. I don't relish the idea of blackbird pie, and four-and-twenty just seems a bit much.
Fun questions. :)

Pixie said...

I love all the answers. LOL
You have an award waiting for you.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Oooo I'm with you on designing the cover :)

Leslie said...

lol i love ur answer to my question! too awesome :D

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