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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holly Schindler


Playing Hurt
A Blue So Dark


Star basketball player Chelsea “Nitro” Keyes had the promise of a full ride to college—and everyone’s admiration in her hometown. But everything changed senior year, when she took a horrible fall during a game. Now a metal plate holds her together and she feels like a stranger in her own family.

As a graduation present, Chelsea’s dad springs for a three-week summer “boot camp” program at a northern Minnesota lake resort. There, she’s immediately drawn to her trainer, Clint, a nineteen-year-old ex-hockey player who’s haunted by his own traumatic past. As they grow close, Chelsea is torn between her feelings for
Clint and her loyalty to her devoted boyfriend back home. Will an unexpected romance just end up causing Chelsea and Clint more pain—or finally heal their heartbreak?


Describe PLAYING HURT in five words or less.
Steamy summer romance between athletes.

Did you always know you wanted to be a writer, or did you just kind of fall into it?

I always knew—decided shortly after birth, I think. I was already writing short stories when I was about seven—seated at my child-sized rolltop desk! I illustrated them and bound them with ribbon…

When writing, what is your preferred method—longhand, on a typewriter, or on a computer? Why?

I typically write a bunch on notes, sketches, outlines, in a spiral-bound notebook (I always say those notebooks are the world’s most perfect laptops). But rather than writing the book out in notebooks, I type it on one of those NEO AlphaSmarts—it runs on AA batteries, and has no Internet capabilities—so no distractions! I can write anywhere on the thing—it’s pretty durable—and then it just transfers to my computer (I don’t have to retype that draft…though I do plenty of retyping as I revise)…

What advice would you give people who “run out of creativity” when writing?

Use it or lose it. Really—the more you write, the more creative juice you make! You really do get in this groove when you write every single day—and one idea sort of leads to another, another…

What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Are there daily writing goals you set?

I keep really long hours—anywhere from eight to as many as twelve hours a day writing. I usually think of my work in terms of pages, rather than words, and I usually set just crazy goals—Revise 100 pages today, for example. Those nearly-impossible goals really help propel me forward.

What is one question that you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview? How would you answer that question?

Thing is, bloggers have been so incredible about these interviews…I’ve been asked so many questions that surprised me, that I really did have to think about…One thing I’ve done quite a bit that I’ve loved are character interviews. I think that’s such an inventive way to talk about a book. Love those…

Quick! Can you share 5 random things about yourself?

1. I am the best dog spoiler on the PLANET.
2. I taught piano and guitar lessons as I worked on my earliest manuscripts.
3. I am terribly nearsighted—20/700 vision—and when I was younger, I used to pick out the ugliest glasses ever in an attempt to guilt my mom into getting me contacts. Yeah. Didn’t work.
4. I’m a big live music fanatic, and met just about every hair band musician in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
5. Though my second novel is about a couple of athletes, I’m really not athletic at all—I think I could fall around corners!

What do you like to do in your spare time, when you are not writing?

I generally refer to music as my “refresh” button—whether it’s listening or playing. I also spend so much time glued to my computer screen that I’ll also jump at just about any chance to get outside in the sunshine. For some reason, I’m drawn to the water—even some muddy old creek. I tend to think a house on the lake would be heaven…

If you weren’t a writer, what would you be?

Probably a literature professor. My original goal in college was to get my PhD…after I got my master’s, though, I just HAD to give the full-time writing career my all. The PhD is on the bucket list, though…

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers?

I’d just like to say thank you. Those of you who have read my work, put up blog posts, sent me emails to tell me you loved my book, I just can’t tell you how special all that is to me…You guys are the absolute best…

Thanks so much Holly Schindler for stopping by!


HOLLY SCHINDLER dove headfirst into her writing pursuits after obtaining her MA from Missouri State University in 2001. Having penned a pile of drafts that literally stretched to the ceiling of her office, she was thrilled to release her debut novel, A Blue So Dark, with Flux in 2010. A Blue So Dark received a starred review in Booklist, was named one of Booklist's Top 10 First Novels for Youth, became a finalist for ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year, and won a gold medal in the IPPY Awards. Her second novel, Playing Hurt, released March 8,

Thanks to Holly, I have a copy of Playing Hurt to gievaway.

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