From the Back of My Shelf (3): Dark of the Moon

Friday, August 12, 2011

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Dark of the Moon by Rachel Hawthorne

Released: August 25, 2009
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 261
Series: Dark Guardians #3
Rating: 5

I've loved him forever, but he can never be mine.

Brittany is determined to prove herself to the Dark Guardians. And yet she's been keeping a devastating secret: She hasn't experienced any of the intense, early signs of change that mark a Dark Guardian's transformation. The only intense feelings she has are for Connor—and she's kept that a secret, too. But she knows she'll never truly have Connor's love if she's not a Shifter like him.

At the first full moon after her birthday, her greatest fear is realized: She doesn't transform. Brittany is so desperate to become a wolf that she'll go to extremes she never thought possible . . . and put all the Dark Guardians in incredible danger.

This is such a great series. Light, fun, and just plain awesome. The writing was exceptional and the characters had just enough depth to them.

I didn’t like Brittany at all until this novel when I was able to get inside her head and learn more about her. She’s the only girl to face the transformation - the first shift on the first full moon after her birthday - without a mate in centuries. The Elder’s don’t believe she will survive, but that doesn’t stop Brittany’s determination to do it alone. The good news is she survives, but the bad news is she doesn’t transform. In shock and wondering how to explain to the rest of the shifter community, she ends up captured by scientists wanting to expose the werewolves to the world. Captured along with her is Conner, the one she loves.

With romance, a bit of danger, and strong bonds of friendship make this a perfect series for a quick and enjoyable read.

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