Book Review: Candy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Candy by Kevin Brooks

Released: March 1, 2006
Publisher: Push
Pages: 384
Rating: 4
When Joe meets Candy, it seems like a regular boy-meets-girl scenario. They chat over coffee, she gives him her number, and he writes her a song. But then Joe is drawn into Candy's world --- a world of drugs, violence, and desperation. As the dark truth about Candy's life emerges, Joe finds himself facing real danger at every twist and turn. Soon Joe's conflicting emotions begin to mirror Candy's, and he understands that falling in love just might be worth the struggle. This intoxicating tale of heartache, danger, and hope will enthrall teen readers.

Candy is heartbreaking, yet realistic! A wonderfully written and insightful story about the type of lifestyle where the grass ain’t always green - a life involving drugs, prostitution, and more.

Joe is obsessed with Candy after only meeting her once while on his way to the doctor. Candy is a heroin addict and lives a dark life filled with violence, drugs, and prostitution. Even with this knowledge, Joe is still, if not more determined to help her clean herself up. What he doesn’t know, but will soon discover, is that when you take away an addict’s drugs (or whatever they’re addicted too) things can become serious, dangerous, and far from pretty…fast.

Candy was a fantastic read, but should probably be read by mature teens and adults. Throughout the novel, there are some scenes that get quite graphic. Brooks doesn’t hold back any details, but with Candy’s choice of lifestyle, nothing is just peaches and cream. I love Brooks writing style, straight to the point with no sugar coating. I highly recommend reading this!

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