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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

As a very passionate reader, I love to share my passion for books with others. This blog is simply a way for me to that and I enjoy every minute of it!

Updated: January 2010

What to expect from my reviews:

Reviews posted here at A Passion for Books are completely original and my honest opinion. I like to use the word "I" in my reviews, as they are a reflection of my feelings. I review every novel that I read, so please be aware that sometimes there may be negative reviews. I do not take pleasure in negating someone’s work, but unfortunately, not every book is for me personally. In certain cases where a book isn’t working out for me, I try to read as much as possible and still post a small review outlining what I did like about the novel and the reason for not being able to completely finish it.

My reviews include: cover art, a synopsis of the novel*, publication details, and of course my personal thoughts about the novel. I also post all of my reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and Barnes & Noble. I will also post reviews on other sites upon requests.

*All synopses/summaries are taken from, the jacketflap, or the author’s website.

As of January 1, 2010, information regarding the source of a book will only be stated if the book either comes from a publisher for review or is for a book tour.

Please note I do try to respond to every email requesting a review, even if it is to politely decline.

Types of novels accepted:

A Passion for Books is mainly a Young Adult Literature blog.

Genres I enjoy:
- Paranormal
- Fantasy
- Romance
- Contemporary Fiction
- Mystery/Thriller
- Chick Lit
- Dystopian

I do not accept:
- Nonfiction: autobiographies/biographies/memoirs
- Titles with religious undertones
- Science Fiction
- E-books or PDF‘s- as I do not currently have an e-reader.
- Self-published novels

I do accept and review some Middle Grade and Adult titles with crossover appeal.

You can see a complete list of titles I have reviewed here.

Series: I prefer to read a series in order. If you have a review request for a book belonging to a series in which I have not had the chance to read yet, I will ask that you provide a copy of each of its predecessors. This will allow me to write a more effective review. At this time, I am more likely to accept a series if it is the first or the second novel.

*Please note that a review for all the books in the series will be posted as well.

Accepting a novel for review:

This does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that I will post a review.

How long will it take for a review:

I try to read the review titles that I receive in a timely manner. If the book is an ARC, I try to read and review the book in the month surrounding its release date, or shortly there after. If the book is already released, then it may take me anywhere from 1-2 months, at the most, to have it read and reviewed. If an author/publisher would like to have the book be reviewed on a certain date, please let me know.

Novels that I request personally will be first priority over other titles. Novels that were accepted via a review request will have second priority. Novels received without being requested will automatically go to the back of my reading pile and it will depend on my reading schedule and interest as to whether the novel will be read and reviewed. If I have no interest in reading the novel, I will either host a contest for the title, pass it to another blogger, or donate to a library.

Interviews, Guest Posts, Blog Tours:

I would be delighted to host authors for an interview, guest post, or a stop on a blog tour.

If interested in doing an author interview or guest post, I request that a copy of your novel be sent with a reasonable amount of time to read before questions have to be submitted.


I would be happy to host a giveaway at A Passion for Books.

Bookmarks and Swag: I will gladly accept any bookmarks or swag that you are willing to send. I currently use these for any contests hosted at A Passion for Books. If you are interested in donating any bookmarks or swag, feel free to contact me.

Traffic Details:

As of January 2010, this blog currently receives 1700+ visitors a month, with 3300+ page views a month, and has a Google Page Rank of 3. I also have over 400 subscriptions in various feed readers. The top four visiting countries are the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. You can find up to date stat information at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Disclosure: Almost all the books I review have been personally bought by me. The books I do receive for review are provided by the publisher or author. I do not accept, nor do I received monetary compensation for my reviews.

Contact Information: casey_apassionforbooks(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thanks and I look forward to working with you!
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