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Sunday, September 6, 2009

*In My Mailbox was started by The Story Siren

Candor by Pam Bachorz

In a town where his father brainwashes everyone, Oscar Banks has found a way to secretly fight the subliminal Messages that turn even the most troubled kids into model citizens. On the outhside, he's the perfect Candor teen, and no one knows that he's built an entire business around helping new kids escape before the Messages take hold.

But the Nia Silva moves to town, and Oscar thinks she's perfect exactly the way she is. Soon he must make a choice: let Nia be lost to the brainwashing, or help her stay special and risk himself in the process.

After the Moment by Garret Freymann-Weyr

Maia Morland is pretty, only not pretty-pretty. She's smart. She's brave. She's also a self-proclaimed train wreck.

Leigh Hunter is smart, popular, and extremely polite. He's also completely and forever in love with Maia Morland.

Their young love starts off like a romance novel - full of hope, strength, and passion. But life is not a romance novel and theirs will never become a true romance. For when Maia needs him the most, Leigh betrays both her trust and her love.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

What if you had everything: A gorgeous boyfriend who was madly in love with you? Quirky hip parents who totally got you? A musical talent that could take you anywhere? What if your biggest problem in life was choosing which path to take? Follow your first love - music - to New York City? Or stay with your boyfriend, friends, and family?

What if one day, you went out for a drive... And in an instant everything changed? What if suddenly all the other choices were gone? Except for one - the only one that truly mattered?

What would you do?



Lauren said...

I love the sound of If I Stay. I haven't given much attention to Candor before, but actually that sounds pretty good too.

Nina said...

Great books you got! Candor sounds really good. I love the concept of that story! :)
Have fun reading!

a flight of minds said...

Oh great books this week for you! If I Stay and After The Moment are both really good. I've only read about 60 pages of Candor so far, but it's all great! Hope you enjoy.

- Alex

Natascha De Marco said...

I want after... Great finds

Sab H. said...

Oh, I loved 'If I Stay' ! Great book! Can't wait to read Candor! Enjoy!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

If I Stay is amazing and I'm so jealous that you got candor! I want it so bad!

the story siren said...

awesome books this week! they all sounds great! hope you enjoy them! happy reading!

Dani. said...

Great set of books!
They all look amazingly good.
Happy Reading.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

You're going to need some tissues when you read If I Stay, trust me! Candor and After the Moment are both on my wishlist. They both sound good!

Yes, you should definitely try to get a copy of The Hate List if you can. (Also might want to grab some tissues with that one too lol)


Rebecca said...

Great books. If I Stay is a really good book. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

Krista said...

Awesome! You have some great books there. Happy Reading!

Becca said...

I have been wanting to read If I Stay and now you have interested me in After the Moment as well. Oh, thank goodness I keep my TBR list on the computer and not on paper. I'd need a new notebook!

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