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Saturday, September 19, 2009

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Jennifer Hubbard's book The Secret Year has got a new cover.

Old Cover

New Cover

I like how you can see the faces better on the new cover, but other than that I like both covers. What about you?



Allison said...

I like the first cover just a little more than the new one. The text on the first cover is small but fits the title since secrets aren't supposed to be front page news but other than that, I'm completely fine with the new cover. Funny how the angle of the people were changed.

ReggieWrites said...

I like the first cover more. The font matches it more...seemingly...but I'm not sure...

Jessica said...

I like the new cover--the angle of the picture just looks better. But I like the font from the first cover. However, the new cover says 'Nothing Stays Secret Forever.' I think it tips the scales. I pick new cover.

~The Book Pixie said...

I like the font on the new cover better because A) It is more elegant and B) The larger size seems to represent the coming out of the secret(s)and C) It is easier to read and is more likely to grab my attention in a book store.

However, I like the faces on the first cover better because the girl's face on the new cover looks to photoshopped and fake where as her face on the first cover looks more realistic. I also like how the guy's face is also slightly more hidden on the old cover.

So in the end I would probably pick the old cover.


Sab H. said...

I loved this book!!

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