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Friday, January 1, 2010

Remote Control by Jack Heath

Agent Six of Hearts, 16-year-old superhuman, is on a mission. His brother Kyntak has been kidnapped. A strange and sinister new figure is rising in power. Six is suspected of being a double agent. The Deck has been put into lockdown by the Queen of Spades. A mysterious girl has appeared who acts as Six's guardian angel. Who can he trust?

As the clock ticks steadily against Kyntak's life, Six of Hearts is on the run: from his past, from his fellow agents at the Deck, even from his own DNA....

Wereling by Steve Feasey

Fourteen-year-old Trey Laporte is not a kid anymore. Not after the day he wakes up in agony—retina-splitting, vomit-inducing agony. His clothes are torn. His room is trashed. Enter Lucien Charron, the mysterious, long-lost “uncle” with freakish fire-flecked eyes and skin that blisters in the sun. Suddenly, Trey finds himself living in a luxury penthouse at the heart of a strange and sinister empire built on the powers of the Netherworld—vampires, demons, sorcerers, and djinn.

And there is a girl—Alexa Charron—who is half vampire, half human, and insanely pretty, with powers all of her own. Trey is falling for her.

Trey is training night and day to control the newly discovered power lurking inside him. Now, demons are closing in on every side, and the most psychopathic bloodsucker to rock the Netherworld wants to destroy him. Above all, he must face one terrifying question: Is he a boy . . . or is he a beast?



Jill of The O.W.L. said...

Both of these look good. I just got Wereling for review.

Unknown said...

Great finds. They both look really interesting.

ninefly said...

oh Remote Control! I'm waiting for the first book in the series to arrive in my bookshelf right now, looking forward to see more of the series already =D

Pixie said...

Both of those sound interesting adding to my list.

Eleni said...

Nice finds, Wereling sounds interesting!

Tales of Whimsy said...

Sounds fun. I hadn't heard of this one before.

Steve Feasey said...

I hope you enjoy Wereling. Look forward to hearing what you think of it.

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