Mini- Challange #2: Cross Posting Your Reviews

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kate and Kristen over at The Book Monsters are hosting Monster Review-a-Thon. The purpose is to review as many books as you can during August 7-13. There will be plenty of mini-challenges and prizes throughout the week.

As reviewers, we tend use multiple book related sites: Goodreads... Amazon... LibraryThing... and these are just the tip of the iceburg. Each site has their own benefits and reasons for why we use them. But if you are like us, then you have a really bad habit of putting off adding them to other sites.

That is where today's mini-challenge comes in. Your mini-challenge... if you choose to accept it... is working (or starting) in cross posting your reviews.
Along with posting my reviews here, I also post them at GoodReads and Amazon too. I have a tendency to wait until my reviews have piled up before I go and add them to any other site. Today, I worked on posting my most recent reviews on GoodReads and Amazon. I was able to get all of them posted, except for the ones that I have written this week. I hope to get those up as well.

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Kristen said...

That's awesome. I just started posting on Amazon, so it's a long process going through my old reviews and getting them up. But it's great to see that task slowly winding down.

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